Project Details

Campaign Name: Launch video of HDFC Bank OnChat
Objective: To create a distinct explainer video that tells you about the services of HDFC Bank OnChat
Uniquely Urja: Taking cognizance of the TG and the platform involved, Urja developed a distinctive video that put forth the 'what' and 'how' of OnChat in a clear and interesting manner

Project Description

'Chat' being such an interesting functionality, how could an explainer video for 'OnChat' be dull and dreary? When HDFC Bank launched OnChat, the central idea to be conveyed was that using this service (to book a cab, pay bills or recharge) was as effortless as chatting with a friend. What better way to express this than show two friends chat away about OnChat! We used chat boxes, and young and peppy colours to show one friend tell the other talk about OnChat. A simple and sensible thought, well executed — purpose served.