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Jo tera hai wo mera hai…really?

Facebook is no longer just a social networking platform. From NGOs protesting and propagating social issues…to e-com big cats promoting their goodies, Facebook today is for everyone. Facebook marketing is now a proven way to expand your reach and get buyers to meet numerous sellers at one single place.
Way back in 2007, when Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed that Facebook was not just another social network, people laughed – “What on earth could a social networking site turn into?” But a couple of months down the line, People got profiles, Brands got their very own fan pages, and this just-another-website transformed into what we see today – an effortlessly accessible and valuable Marketing platform!

Jump to the present. Facebook has newer features! With mobile turning the primary screen for most and with over 75% of Facebook’s revenue coming from mobile advertising, Zuckerberg launched Instant Articles. This limited access feature allows direct posting of articles to the network and is optimised for mobiles. Facebook Live, another feature currently available only to celebrities with a verified Page, is expected to become accessible to everyone soon, starting with large brand advertisers, and then to smaller ones. And the advantage Facebook Live has over competition? The archive feature! Facebook is constantly upgrading and looks like it is here to stay. That makes it is worthwhile to know what works on Facebook.

We thought of sharing are few handy tips for those planning Social Media Marketing on Facebook:

A Right Start:

Well no matter how old your business is, if you are new on Facebook and to Facebook Marketing , you are at a beginner stage and you should first focus studying other brands and getting your act right on Facebook. Publish posts about your brands, work, and products, but no overdose please! Be casual while interacting, because this is still ‘technically’ a social platform, not a business platform.

Building Audience:

Once people are aware about your brand, you can start focusing on the number of page likes. Just like in building your own market, even for Facebook marketing, you need to do your homework and show your target audience that you understand their perspectives, and their likes and dislikes. Only then, do they start giving you a greater share of their attention.


While you can easily generate more likes and fans for your page, true engagement alone will help you survive and thrive on Social Media. So once you have a sizeable audience in place, you can promote relevant offers through Social Media Marketing, run contests, publish interesting posts and keep your audience engaged.

Sustaining loyalty:

Now that you have given your heart and soul building your customer base and keeping them engaged, it would a complete waste of time, energy and money to not sustain the loyalty generated. Quick things you could try: Identify most engaged fans, offer them privileges, get them to write reviews, and try giving them quicker responses on social media. Retained customers are often the ones who buy your products.

One key thing to remember is that a brand’s engagement figures depend on how mature the brand is in the social space. So, while a contest sounds like a great idea, tying it up well with your entire campaign (offline or digital) is crucial. Most importantly, such activities require a decent fan base. And if you are not already visible, your objective should be to get noticed, first, and then get your audience to talk about you. As more people talk about you, keep them entertained and reward them for all the accolades and criticism.

So the next time you plan a Facebook Marketing activity, think about it – evaluate the maturity of your brand and check if the activity fits into your overall brand building exercise. What works for Brand A may not work for Brand B. “Jo tera hai wo mera hai…” does not hold true in the context of any Marketing, for that matter!

So question: “How do I make the most of Social Media Marketing?
Answer: “Start by knowing where your brand stands today. Be clear on what you wish to achieve for your brand.”